Finally Friends Collection: Dive into the Canine World

Diving deep into the captivating world of dogs, this collection comprises four comprehensive ebooks, each masterfully curated and packed with a wealth of information. They’re designed to cater to a wide spectrum of readers, from those who’ve been on countless adventures with their canine companions to individuals just beginning to explore the boundless joys of life with a four-legged friend.

The world of dogs is as diverse as it is delightful, and we believe there’s always something new to learn, regardless of where you are on your journey. Whether you’re an experienced dog owner, a professional trainer, or someone who’s just brought home their very first puppy, our “Finally Friends” collection promises to be a treasure trove of insights, tips, and heartfelt stories.

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Canine Connection - 1st​

Step into the immersive realm of canine behavior and training. Starting from the fundamental principles of dog obedience, this volume gradually unfolds into more advanced topics, such as the psychology behind various behavioral patterns. Learn how trust and understanding form the pillars of a strong bond between a dog and its owner. This ebook serves not just as an informational guide, but as a bridge to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with your furry companion. Beyond training commands, it’s a dive into a dog’s psyche, their emotions, and the world as they perceive it.

Four-Legged Gourmet - 2nd

Every dog owner wants the best for their beloved pet, especially when it comes to nutrition. “Culinary Canine Creations” is more than just a recipe book—it’s a journey through culinary art tailored for dogs. Within its pages, you’ll find an array of homemade recipes meticulously designed to ensure your dog’s optimal health. With a special focus on common health issues like diabetes, the recipes go beyond taste, addressing dietary needs that promote overall well-being. By offering homemade alternatives, this ebook becomes a companion for those who want to mix love with nutrition, creating dishes that are both delicious and therapeutic.

The Voice of Dogs - 3rd

Dogs, though speechless, speak volumes through their body language. Every wag, whimper, and gaze has a story to tell. This ebook is your Rosetta Stone for deciphering the often intricate and subtle cues your dog gives. By understanding these signals, you’re not just interpreting behaviors but tuning into your dog’s emotions, needs, and desires. Enhancing communication goes beyond commands—it’s about building a rapport that fosters mutual respect and understanding. Delve deep into this secret language and transform your relationship with your dog into one of deeper connection and empathy.

The Secrets Behind Breeds - 4th

Dogs come in various shapes, sizes, and temperaments, each breed having its unique history and characteristics. This comprehensive encyclopedia aims to be your definitive guide through this vast and colorful tapestry of breeds. With rich, in-depth descriptions and captivating stories behind each breed’s origin, the book not only educates but also fascinates. Whether you’re considering adding another member to your furry family or just indulging in canine history and diversity, this encyclopedia is a treasure chest of knowledge, revealing tales of breeds from every corner of the globe.

For only 4,90€ *

*3-day trial at 4,90€. After 3 days, you will be charged €47 and you will receive the 2nd ebook.

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