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Embark on a transformative journey through the serene realm of meditation with our “Meditando” collection. As you navigate the pages of each ebook, you’ll traverse ancient traditions and modern insights, delving deep into the heart of self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Spanning diverse facets of inner evolution, from basic mindfulness to profound introspection, these meticulously curated ebooks are uniquely tailored. Whether you’re a novice, filled with curiosity about the world of meditation, or a seasoned practitioner seeking new horizons and deeper understanding, this collection promises to be your trusted companion.

With each volume, immerse yourself in layers of introspection, comprehension, and spiritual ascent, culminating in a holistic experience aimed at harmonizing the mind, body, and soul, and propelling you towards inner peace and enlightenment.

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Inner Serenity - 1st​

The act of meditating is a journey – a voyage into the profound depths of one’s psyche and consciousness. “Inner Serenity” serves as your compass, guiding you through the labyrinthine pathways of this ancient practice. Delve into its rich history, spanning thousands of years and various cultures, to truly appreciate its universality and timelessness. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, this ebook ensures you grasp the fundamental principles of meditation. But more than just theory, it instills in readers the importance of routine and offers insights into seamlessly integrating meditation into the ebb and flow of daily life. Set your feet on this enlightening path and discover the peace that lies within.

Mindfulness - 2nd

In the cacophony of modern life, the art of mindfulness offers a sanctuary of silence and presence. This second volume, dedicated to mindfulness, is a deep dive into the realm of conscious awareness. Beyond just techniques, it enlightens readers about the transformative power of being truly present – of experiencing moments without filters or distractions. Offering strategies to combat stress, enhance focus, and nurture inner peace, it’s more than just an instructional guide; it’s an invitation to cultivate a life enriched with clarity, serenity, and purpose. By practicing mindfulness, you don’t just experience life—you savor every fleeting moment.

The Power of Chakras - 3rd

Delicate wheels of energy, or ‘chakras’, form the spiritual spine of our existence. This enlightening volume takes readers on an explorative journey through these vibrant energy centers that dictate our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Understand the symbology, characteristics, and interconnectedness of each chakra, and gain transformative insights into their potential blockages and healing methods. This guide offers a holistic approach to chakra balancing, emphasizing both understanding and practice. It’s an invitation to tap into your inner energies, to harness, balance, and direct them, and to unlock a life of harmony, vitality, and spiritual awakening.

The Path of Qi Gong - 4th

“The Path of Qi Gong” takes you on a transformative journey into the profound realm of Qi Gong, an ancient practice that harmonizes the flow of life energy within. This enlightening volume unravels the secrets of Qi Gong, offering insights into its history, principles, and practical techniques. Discover the power of aligning body, mind, and spirit through this practice. With a blend of theory and hands-on guidance, it invites you to unlock your inner vitality, enhance your well-being, and find balance in the chaos of modern life. Explore the essence of Qi Gong and embark on a path towards holistic harmony, vitality, and spiritual awakening.

For only 4,90€ *

*3-day trial at 4,90€. After 3 days, you will be charged €47 and you will receive the 2nd ebook.

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